Fresh Morel
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(Morchella Esculenta)

Special kind of mushroom which are highly appreciate. The layering surface of morel makes the meaty texture and they smells nutty, buttery, and earthy.

Storage: Store in a chill temperature.  

Shelf Life: 7 Day.

Availability: April to June.

Suitable For: Steamboat, soups, stews, sauces, pastes, and gratins.

Best Way to Use:

• Stir them into pilafs and other rice dishes.
• Add them to tomato or cream-based pasta sauces.
• Spoon them onto polenta.
• Stir them into pan sauces for chops and cutlets. 
• Add them to stir-fries. Saute with green beans or snap peas.
• Add them to eggs: Saute rehydrated dried mushrooms with shallots and butter and fold into omelets, frittatas, or scrambled eggs.
• Make flavored butter: Pulse rehydrated morels or chanterelles with softened butter and a fresh herb like thyme in a food processor. Use right away or shape into a log, wrap in plastic, and refrigerate. Pats of the butter are delicious on roasted or grilled meats and vegetables.

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