Way to Preserve Truffle
Before we start, please note that:

*Dirt plays zero role in conserving freshness and flavour of the truffles. Always clean your truffle before storing them properly in your refrigerator.

*Truffle aroma vaporise into surrounding air which leads to decreasing of aroma. Don’t expose for long period.

*Moisture is the worst enemy of truffle, always make sure you store in a cool dry container/plastic bag.

Short Term-Chill

Temperature: (2-6°C), (275-279K), (35-42F)

Pros: Minimize the loss of aroma

Cons: Monitoring and changing of paper towel daily

Best way for short term>Rice Blanket

Start by pouring a thick layer of uncooked rice into the container. Place your clean truffles inside, set them a few centimetres apart from each other, and then pour more rice until your truffles are abundantly covered up.

Alternative way for short term >Towel Wrap

Wrap every truffle with paper towel and store in a container/zip lock bag in fridge and change the paper towel daily.

Long Term-Frozen

Temperature: Below (0°C), (273K), (32F)

Pros: Keeping the truffle for a long period of time without checking it daily.

Cons: Lose of aroma

Best way for long term>Vacuum Pack

Store your truffle in a transparent plastic bag and use a vacuum sealer to eliminate all the air inside and seal it before keeping it in the freezer.

Alternate way for long term>Foil Wrapping

Wrap every truffle with metal foil and store in a zip lock bag, try to squeeze all the air out before zip it.
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