White Honey Truffle
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(Tuber Mattirolomyces Terfezioides)

Other Name: Dessert Truffle, Sweet Honey Truffle

Fact: The sweet-as-sugar honey truffle is one of the most unusual truffles in the world, which is widely used by chefs in preparing dessert and garnishing.

Flavour: Sweet, notes of earth

Availability: September to November

Shape and Size: Round and irregular shape

Storage: Refer to Guidline(Way to Preserve Truffle)

Suitable for: sorbets, meringue, cakes, ice cream, garnished on top of rakoczituros with dry sliced truffle chips. Slice it and dip with hot chocolates fondue. Froze and grate them to mix with macaroons or cream on cakes.

Rarity during Harvest Season: Rare

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